Hello 2020

Me: Welcome to 2020. Nell and I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Nell: Yes. Now could someone please remove all those large animals from the living room?

Me: Do you mean Dave? He’s just having a lie in after yesterday.

Nell: No. I mean the other three. One does not expect to be sharing the sofa with a moose, a reindeer and an alpaca.

Me: We couldn’t send them out to the barn after all that dancing. Their hooves were tired.

Nell: I seem to remember there was an awful lot of dancing last night.

Me: Yes. I thought the Robin Woof dance was inspired by the way. Did you see Henry and Horst?

Nell: Of course I did. Sitting on the top of Olive’s antlers in feathered caps and fairy lights. I was glad they didn’t fall off.

Me: Dave was keeping an eye. You know how protective he is of Henry.

Nell: Talking of protective, Knitwear Wolf looked after Myfanwy beautifully didn’t he?

Me: I know. Bringing her tender morsels to eat and wrapping her shawl around her.

Nell: Tender morsels? Good grief Jane Austen this is 2020.

Me: I’m ever so excited about this year. Did you see all the lovely messages?

Nell: Yes. People are most kind.

Me: I said to Kev if I had my way I’d get a Winnebago and travel the world with you all meeting everyone.

Nell: Even a Winnebago couldn’t accommodate our menagerie.

Me: True. We have to stop collecting animals.

Nell: That’s never going to happen. You might as well let that goose in.

Me: What goose?

Nell: One of the Canadians. It lost its friends during the fly over so I said it could stay until we find them.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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