Sally is back

Me: Sally is very beautiful, isn’t she?

Nell: She does have something of the film star about her, I must say.

Me: She reminds me of Grace Kelly.

Nell: Grace Kelly is an Italian greyhound. She works with John the Doberman at Starbarks. Sally doesn’t look like her at all.

Me: I meant the film star. How is John by the way?

Nell: Funnily enough he is in the kitchen with Poppy right now discussing Christmas muffins. Starbarks are looking for new ideas.

Me: Do you think those two will ever get married?

Nell: Who knows. Talking of marriage I am hoping young David doesn’t do anything reckless.

Me: Why?

Nell: He is completely besotted with Sally.

Me: Yes, when she walked in to dinner and said ‘Hello, Davey,’ he leapt into the air.

Nell: His name is David not Davey and he’s a Labrador not a chihuahua.

Me: He is a Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: He ate most of the Yorkshire puddings and half of Malcolm’s dinner before she had even sat down.

Me: It was by mistake. Malcolm didn’t mind. There was plenty more.

Nell: Well, I think they make an odd couple. Sally is a sophisticated spy and David isn’t.

Me: They say opposites attract. Look at Gladys and Alejandro.

Nell: I would rather not. Who rides around the table doing somersaults on the back of an alpaca wearing a sombrero and singing ‘Guantanamera’?

Me: Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Nell: Did you notice Rupert was very quiet?

Me: Yes, he seemed rather thoughtful.

Nell: He was wearing a very loose sort of cardigan in a dull grey. Not his usual style at all.

Me: He is a bit of a lone wolf though, isn’t he? See what I did there?

Nell: Good grief.

Me: Sorry.

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