Sandy faced Sunday

Me: You can’t get much better than a Sandy Faced Sunday.

Nell: Does it have to be my photo every time?

Me: You have the best Sandy Face. I think it’s your eyes and your thick bear-like fur.

Nell: My thick bear-like fur? Are you sure that’s Earl Grey you are drinking?

Me: You know what I mean. The puppies have silkier finer fur but yours is thick and wavy.

Nell: Charlie likes it too.

Me: How is he?

Nell: Rather chipper now that Sally’s back.

Me: I knew it.

Nell: You are going to have to pretend you didn’t hear that. She is undercover.

Me: But I did. Does anyone else know?

Nell: You mean apart from everyone who reads this?

Me: It can’t be helped.

Nell: It can actually. Anyway, as you suspected, Jim spotted her and was told not to say anything.

Me: But what about Harriet?

Nell: She has been informed.

Me: That’s why she is in such a good mood. She has been driving Dave crazy doing those pirouettes.

Nell: You mean Turn and Twirl? A clever manoeuvre designed to distract and confuse.

Me: Talking of twirling, how did the Dog Ballet in Torquay go?

Nell: Gladys was a huge success. She danced across the beach wearing a flashing collar surrounded by dogs chasing illuminated balls.

Me: Did Dave join in?

Nell: I’m afraid ballet is not for him. The shoes are all wrong for a start.

Me: I do hope Sally lets him know she is here.

Nell: Charlie says she is going to surprise him at dinner. Poppy is cooking roast beef and everyone is coming.

Me: He will be so happy. Why is she undercover?

Nell: If I knew the answer to that I wouldn’t tell you.

Me: No. Sorry.

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