Marvin is not amused

Me: I’m not sure Marvin likes his jumper.

Nell: We have to call them sweaters when we are talking to Canadians and Americans. Jumpers confuse them.

Me: His sweater then.

Nell: It was very kind of Knitwear Wolf to send it over to Toronto so Marvin should be thankful. It’s part of the Winter collection.

Me: Well, his face says it all. He is not happy.

Nell: It can get extremely cold in Canada and a pup must wrap up.

Me: Is that the new slogan? Only it’s a good one. ‘ Wrap up, Pup’.

Nell: You are a little too lively for a Monday morning, if I may say so.

Me: It’s stopped raining and the sun is trying to shine.

Nell: Yes. I think a walk on the beach is called for later.

Me: Will you be wearing a jumper?

Nell: I will not. I have my thick winter fur coat and jumpers interfere with swimming.

Me: How you can all swim in the sea is beyond me.

Nell: It’s invigorating. I can highly recommend it.

Me: I shall watch and possibly drink a mug of tea.

Nell: Now, there is a photo of me doing the rounds which you must not take the wrong way.

Me: What on earth have you done? Show me.

Nell: Nothing. During the feather debacle yesterday I sat in the middle of the sofa and somebody chose to photograph it.

Me: You look dreadfully guilty.

Nell: I look uncomfortable.

Me: If I didn’t know better I would say you were involved in some feather scattering.

Nell: Well, you would be wrong. Any feathers I may have scattered were purely by accident. They attach themselves to one’s fur.

Me: If you say so.

Nell: Do you doubt my word?

Me: Of course not. Sorry.

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