Sunday confessions

Nell: There was an admission of guilt at Morning Thoughts today.

Me: Oh dear. Not Harriet again?

Nell: I am afraid so. Mutley was in the chair so he will make the final decision.

Me: Don’t you mean the sofa?

Nell: Very funny, but yes it was about the sofa. Or rather the sofa cushions.

Me: I thought Kev covered it in a blanket to try and stop her?

Nell: He did and she pulled it off.

Me: That was very naughty of her.

Nell: It implies a certain degree of forethought, although she claims she simply can’t help herself.

Me: Why does she do it?

Nell: Apparently it’s the way the beautiful white feathers explode into the air.

Me: Is she even sorry?

Nell: Briefly. David, however, is completely devastated.

Me: Is he doing that guilty thing again?

Nell: Yes, he has perfected the Head Low and Slow movement.

Me: But he didn’t do it?

Nell: I know. He just can’t bear his sister to be punished.

Me: Harriet is going to have to sleep in the kitchen.

Nell: Yes, and not in Mutley’s soft bed as that’s a reward.

Me: Everyone loves his soft bed. I can’t get you out of it if you get the chance.

Nell: It’s luxurious.

Me: It’s under the kitchen table.

Nell: Now, Poppy is cooking a Sunday roast and Knitwear Wolf is joining us with Owl Pacino.

Me: What about Henry and Horst?

Nell: They are hosting a leaf picnic for the bugs in the garden. Henry was telling me that the leaves are particularly tasty this year.

Me: Is Malcolm making dessert?

Nell: Yes. Treacle sponge pudding.

Me: With custard?

Nell: Of course. Whoever heard of a sponge pudding without custard? It’s like a bacon sandwich without sauce.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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