David is over cautious and Susan and Henry do A Very Brave Thing

Me: Why has Dave got his eyes closed and what’s Susan doing in Dartmouth?

Nell: One thing at a time. You are not well.

Me: But Dave keeps bumping into things.

Nell: David is being over cautious. He had a sudden urge for pickled fish at breakfast this morning and now he thinks Sven Gully is everywhere.

Me: But Gully is at the Beefy Mansion on Dartmoor with Horst.

Nell: Yes, I know. It’s all because David tried some of Alejandro’s ceviche yesterday and enjoyed it.

Me: But ceviche is fish cured in lime juice and pickled herring is pickled in vinegar.

Nell: That’s not the point. Anyway, I’ve told him to wear sunglasses indoors even though I don’t approve of it at all.

Me: I remember when The Cat had its Aubrey Hepburn phase. You were furious.

Nell: It’s affectation.

Me: What about Susan?

Nell: Now, that’s a different story.

Me: Only I thought Malcolm was looking a little grey.

Nell: Yes, he’s off his prawns at the moment.

Me: Why is Susan in Dartmouth?

Nell: Susan and Henry have decided to do A Very Brave Thing.

Me: A Very Brave Thing?

Nell: Yes. They are going to fly up to Dartmoor to join the Beefies.

Me: They can’t do that.

Nell: As the daughter of Stephen Seagull, Susan is an honorary Beefy.

Me: No wonder Malcolm is grey.

Nell: Henry has to get to Horst. They have never been apart for this long.

Me: Susan had better wear sunglasses then.

Nell: Yes, that was my suggestion too. But don’t worry she isn’t going alone.

Me: Don’t tell me Malcolm and Timothy are going too?

Nell: Of course they aren’t. What on earth would a flamingo and a turkey do with a flock of angry seagulls?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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