Beach Heaven

Me: Harriet had the best time on the dog beach. Just swimming and dancing in the evening sun.

Nell: Dancing?

Me: Yes. Haven’t you noticed that Harriet dances when she’s happy?

Nell: I suppose she does.

Me: We were all happy. Soft sand, warm water. Poppy even paddled.

Nell: Yes, it was all going really well until someone threw a mackerel at us.

Me: That wasn’t so nice.

Nell: And then I noticed the paddle boarders.

Me: Knitwear Wolf is teaching Gladys and Alejandro.

Nell: They were all wearing knitted beanies. I’ve got used to Rupert’s eccentricities in the Knitwear department and Alejandro can cope with a hat but Gladys was dwarfed by hers.

Me: It was a lovely colour. A sort of dusky pink. It complimented her black fur.

Nell: Everyone else was wearing their wetsuits. Why do they have to draw attention to themselves?

Me: To be honest Nell, a wolf, an alpaca and a black Pomeranian paddle boarding was bound to raise a few eyebrows.

Nell: And what were the Welsh corgis doing on the cliff top. Lined up like that.

Me: Singing.

Nell: Who has choir practice on a cliff?

Me: Myfanwy told Poppy they like to sing with a view.

Nell: They were all wearing cardigans.

Me: It’s part of The Cat’s new fashion line. Their names are sequinned on the back.

Nell: I suppose it avoids any accidental cardigan confusion.

Me: Yes.

Nell: My friend Pamela had her pashmina taken by a poodle after Book Club recently. It swore it was by mistake but Pamela has her doubts. It looked a little sly.

Me: Maybe the sequins are a good idea then.

Nell: Yes. They are The Cat’s USP after all.

Me: Unique Selling Point?

Nell: No. Unbelievable Sequin Passion.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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