Opposites attract

Me: Harriet gave me such a look when I walked into the living room.

Nell: You probably disturbed her.

Me: I thought Morning Thoughts were over.

Nell: Yes, but she is having a girly chat with Gladys, Susan and David.

Me: Dave?

Nell: Yes, apparently she needs some advice about Jim. You know how much David loves discussing relationships.

Me: He does and he is very good at listening. Are Harriet and Jim having problems, then?

Nell: Jim is awfully busy at the moment and I think she feels neglected. But what’s a farm dog to do?

Me: I hope there aren’t any other handsome hounds on the horizon waiting to tempt her away.

Nell: Don’t start.

Me: She is such a beauty.

Nell: I don’t think Jim shares her love of books. He’s more of an outside dog. But then opposites attract. Look at Gladys and Alejandro.

Me: Henry and Horst were there, too, by the way. When I saw their bandanas I knew it was them.

Nell: Those woodlice get everywhere. Charlie and I were having a quiet cup of tea and saw them both on the window sill.

Me: They certainly get around.

Nell: Talking of getting around, have you seen Rupert’s new motorbike?

Me: Knitwear Wolf rides a bike?

Nell: Yes, he has all the gear. It’s the first time I’ve seen him out of wool, but safety first.

Me: I expect he was wearing wool underneath.

Nell: I’d prefer not to discuss underneath thank you. I’m already recovering from the sight of a wolf at the door in leathers.

Me: Not something you see every day.

Nell: He brought Harriet a beautiful soft shawl in turquoise to match her collar.

Me: How interestingly thoughtful of him.

Nell: It was just a shawl.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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