Welcome to our world little one

Me: Baby Snail is here and they are both tired but safe and well.

Nell: A great relief. I’m not sure it was necessary for David to sing it from the rooftops.

Me: He was pleased.

Nell: We know.

Me: It was nice of the roofers to join in, though.

Nell: Yes. And most unexpected. Some of those harmonies were impressive.

Me: Can you believe Baby Snail arrived exactly on her due date?

Nell: Of course. We are a family of strong punctual women.

Me: I’m not sure about the punctual bit.

Nell: Do you like to be on time?

Me: Yes, although I prefer being early to be honest.

Nell: Stop quibbling. Now, I’ve written a poem for Baby Snail. Would you like to hear it?

Me: Yes, please.

Nell: ‘Welcome to our world, little one.

The fun for you has just begun.

So many stories we can tell

Of life in Devon with Auntie Nell.’

Me: But you aren’t her aunt.

Nell: Stop interrupting. I can be anything I like.

Me: Yes. I suppose you can.

Nell: Where was I? Oh yes.

‘Building sandcastles, riding a wave,

Singing and dancing with Gladys and Dave.

Scones with Poppy, first jam then cream,

Books with Harriet, daring to dream.

By the fire with Mutley, just having a chat,

Sequins and sparkles and fun with The Cat.

Giggles with Grandpa and Jonathan Sky,

Mummy and Papa are always nearby.

‘Tell me a story, Granny’, you’ll say,

‘What did you and Nell do today?’

And as you listen you’ll know that it’s true,

You’re made of love and we all love you.’

Me: She will know that, won’t she?

Nell: Of course she will. Always.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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