Mother’s Day thoughts

Me: Smiling, sunshine faces.

Nell: Actually those are Waiting for Treats faces. The trick is to focus intently with a winning smile. Harriet is exceptionally skilled. Poppy is over keen.

Me: I think Dave’s winning smile is a bit forced.

Nell: David struggles with the concept of Waiting.

Me: Yes. He is more of an immediate boy.

Nell: He is a product of his time. It’s all now, now, now with these young things and their iBones.

Me: I’d be lost without mine, to be honest.

Nell: Poodle has made them lazy. Nobody looks anything up in books anymore they just Poodle it.

Me: You mean Google.

Nell: I do not. Google isn’t a word. I don’t know why they had to choose a Poodle. I’ve never seen them as particularly wise.

Me: Did you know that it is Mother’s Day in lots of countries today?

Nell: Yes. David asked that know-all Alexa and she droned on and on listing countries.

Me: It’s her job to tell us things, Nell.

Nell: Insisting on us saying her name all the time. Imagine if you had to start every question with Nell and I ignored you if you didn’t?

Me: You often do.

Nell: Anyway, Alice will be celebrating Mother’s Day in Germany with Jonathan Sky no doubt.

Me: Yes, and with Baby Snail too next year.

Nell: We mustn’t forget our friends in the United States, Australia and Canada. Chris is with his girlfriend Shannon and her dear mother Ann.

Me: Yes. It’s almost everywhere today except the UK. I wonder why.

Nell: Ask know-all Alexa.

Me: Let’s just celebrate mothers around the world. Treasure them while you can.

Nell: And remember they are always watching over you from near or afar.

Me: Yes.

Nell: She is, you know.

Me: Yes. I miss her. Sorry.

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