I was under that table

Me: I love your sandy face, although you are giving me a rather hard stare.

Nell: It’s not just sand. You remember the incident just now with Kev’s cold tea?

Me: Yes. It was quite funny. When I put my empty paper cup into his I didn’t realise his cup still had tea in it and it went all over the picnic table.

Nell: I was under that table.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: I was busy clearing up when I was showered with cold tea. Notice my face.

Me: I do apologise, Nell. Fortunately it’s only a little.

Nell: Easy for you to say.

Me: I’m sure Dave will clean it off. He is ever so good at that. Remember Gladys and the jam?

Nell: Yes. And Harriet and the Parmesan cheese?

Me: And Mutley and the tomato sauce?

Nell: The list is endless. Now, as it is Saturday and the weekend there will be no roofers.

Me: I know. Peace and quiet for two days.

Nell: Apart from choir practice.

Me: Excuse me?

Nell: You know Myfanwy invited Mutley to sing at their next concert? Well, they are rehearsing later.

Me: I didn’t know.

Nell: Don’t worry. They will be gone by 4pm because of the cheerleading Chow Chows.

Me: The what?

Nell: The cheerleading Chow Chows from Chichester. They are down here on holiday and got chatting to David and Gladys at the Quay.

Me: Of course they did.

Nell: To cut a long story short they are coming to tea. Poppy knows. She did a lot of cheerleading in her youth.

Me: Why am I not surprised? Is Dave carrying a Pom Pom?

Nell: No, it’s just Gladys. Easy mistake to make though. I think he left his Pom Poms at home.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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