Hard hats must be worn at all times

Me: It’s lovely to see your smiling face.

Nell: What do you want?

Me: Nothing. I’m just glad to be home and to have Charlotte with me.

Nell: The weather is a little disappointing. David was hoping for beach time.

Me: Yes, we need to ride those waves.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Feel the wind in our hair and the salt on our tongues.

Nell: Just calm down. We both know you have never surfed in your life.

Me: I like the idea, though.

Nell: A brisk walk will do you more good. Now, we were discussing after dinner games.

Me: How about Twister?

Nell: You know perfectly well that Twister is a recipe for disaster. Can you imagine David? Especially after meatballs?

Me: True.

Nell: Poppy and Harriet want to play poker but Gladys doesn’t know how to bluff and The Cat always wins.

Me: Yes, it’s exceptionally devious.

Nell: Charlie and Mutley think Trivial Pursuit might be the way to go. It’s relaxing, not arduous, and can be played around the fire. If we had one, of course.

Me: I hope they can fix the chimney.

Nell: You know the scaffolding people are arriving soon. They are starting work on the roof next week.

Me: What if it rains?

Nell: Don’t fuss. Poppy is project managing. We have all been issued with hard hats and work boots must be worn at all times.

Me: Will there be bacon sandwiches and mugs of tea?

Nell: Yes, for workers not watchers.

Me: To be fair, Nell, watching is actually part of my work.

Nell: Just go and get Charlotte a nice cup of Earl Grey and explain about the scaffolding. Don’t forget your hard hat. They are hanging by the back door. Ours are the ones with sequins.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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