Dave is on guard

Me: If I didn’t know what a darling he really is, I would be a bit scared of Dave today.

Nell: He is on guard duty. Sally asked him to watch the front gate.

Me: For strange postmen?

Nell: What are you talking about? I know Tony is on holiday but the replacement Tonys are all very friendly.

Me: Well, who is he guarding us from then? Everyone is learning French and Gladys is wearing Poppy’s suit of armour.

Nell: Gladys is overreacting as usual. Never you mind.

Me: You have to tell me, Nell. Ever since Harriet came back with a baguette, things have been tense. You’ve been chatting to Sally and Charlie for hours. It’s just a stick of bread.

Nell: It is so much more.

Me: Yes. I must admit it was tasty. We all enjoyed it with Poppy’s mackerel pate. Especially Gladys.

Nell: I know. I found the crumbs in my handbag.

Me: Why is The Cat here with black material and no sequins?

Nell: Ah, there they are, as expected.

Me: Who?

Nell: Two French rooks with an invitation. Do keep up.

Me: For me?

Nell: Certainly not. For Sally.

Me: Look at Dave barring their way. He has taken the invitation. Where has Harriet gone?

Nell: Inside. She mustn’t be seen.

Me: I wonder who it’s from.

Nell: Madame Odile Cygne Noir.

Me: That’s a bit of a mouthful.

Nell: She owns the French bakery.

Me: Why is she inviting Sally? How does she even know Sally is here?

Nell: Harriet told her.

Me: Now I am really confused. Sorry.

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