Nell: Jonathan and I on the beach in the sun.

Me: Yes. With all these storms and sadness I thought you might like to remember that day.

Nell: Yes. Such a sparkling little fellow. I do miss him.

Me: We all do. So how was afternoon tea yesterday?

Nell: Delicious, but it wasn’t about the food you know? It was about strategy. I must say Humphrey is a delight. Quiet but with a sharp wit. I can see why he and Malcolm get on.

Me: Not like Stephen Seagull at all then?

Nell: No. Fortunately the Beefies aren’t that fond of storms so they are keeping away. We can enjoy our Sunday and Malcolm and Poppy can get on with the baking.

Me: More scones?

Nell: No. Rock cakes for the catapults.

Me: Catapults?

Nell: Yes. You know Timothy is very artistic? Not something you would expect from a turkey.

Me: Not really.

Nell: It turns out he is also rather good at making catapults. A few well aimed rock cakes should deter those hooligans.

Me: Good idea.

Nell: We have come up with a two pronged plan of attack. Fighting and Talking. Count Bingo and Owl Pacino are leading the fighting team with David and Gladys as back up. Poppy wanted to join them but she will be busy in the kitchen with Malcolm and Susan.

Me: Did you say Gladys?

Nell: Yes. She has an excellent aim and is fearless. Don’t let the long hair deceive you. The Cat has made her an incredible fighting suit with a sequinned hood. David is so jealous.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: Charlie and Humphrey will lead the Talking team with Harriet, Mutley and myself.

Me: Should Charlie be involved?

Nell: He is loving it. My philosophy is that life is for living. Charlie is not a cower in the corner kind of dog. Why should he change? If it means losing him earlier then so be it. Whatever makes him happy.

Me: That’s brave. What about me? Fighting, or Talking.

Nell: You are at your best Watching. From afar. You’re a writer not a fighter. Just accept it.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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