Smiling again

Me: It’s good to see you smiling again.

Nell: Yes. The swim was delightful. Charlie was right.

Me: Being by the sea always helps to give me perspective. It reminds me I am just a tiny piece of a huge puzzle.

Nell: Here we go. Talking of puzzles, Charlie and The Cat are setting a trap for Malcolm’s admirer.

Me: How exciting.

Nell: It’s Cornish Pasty Week and Malcolm is going to do a recipe signing.

Me: Where? This is Devon, not Cornwall and Malcolm doesn’t like pasties.

Nell: At the cafe with Poppy. The Cat is calling it Macarons with Malcolm and Pasties with Poppy.

Me: It’s not exactly zippy.

Nell: Never mind. Poppy is delighted because she has a new range of pasties she can try out on customers.

Me: Good idea.

Nell: Charlie will engage visitors in conversation and The Cat will take photos. Harriet will make notes and David will watch discreetly.

Me: But Malcolm is shy.

Nell: Susan will be with him. And here is the thing. She will be wearing a sparkling ankle ring.

Me: Hang on a minute. Do seagulls even have ankles? You didn’t tell me they were engaged.

Nell: They aren’t. It’s far too early in their relationship but the secret admirer doesn’t know that. And of course seagulls have ankles. Everyone knows that.

Me: I knew flamingos had knees.

Nell: Charlie thinks the secret admirer will definitely give themselves away and even if they don’t, it will all be tremendous fun. Mutley will play the piano and Gladys will perform a contemporary dance.

Me: Yes. And who can resist a fresh pasty?

Nell: Anyway, stop holding me up. Poppy’s pasty class is starting and we are learning how to crimp.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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