After the Tasting Panel

Nell: Don’t wake David. He needs to rest.

Me: Why?

Nell: He found the sandwich tasting completely exhausting yesterday.

Me: How did he get on the Tasting Panel?

Nell: He wasn’t supposed to be on there but we judges were only taking a few bites so he thought he would help by finishing them up.

Me: He must have eaten a lot of sandwiches.

Nell: Yes. I believe Harriet joined in as well.

Me: Did you reach a decision?

Nell: Yes. Egg and cress came high on the list.

Me: And chicken salad?

Nell: Salad was a contentious issue. Sogginess is a problem. Greg felt wholemeal bread can cope but John wasn’t sure. There was a lot of chat about texture. I’m afraid I switched off.

Me: And Nigella?

Nell: She is all about the ciabatta. Waxing lyrical about fresh home grown tomatoes and creamy buffalo mozzarella with a cascade of freshly torn up basil.

Me: That does sound delicious.

Nell: Well, I was forced to remind her that Poppy simply doesn’t do cascades. It’s not her style.

Me: So what did you decide?

Nell: Mutley pointed out that it is hard to beat a good ham sandwich with, or without mustard. David voted for without, because it burnt his tongue.

Me: It’s like the beef with or without horseradish dilemma.

Nell: My motto is: When in doubt go without.

Me: What about prawns, or crab? They are so fresh here.

Nell: Yes. We felt they could be included, although tuna mayonnaise was right up there with the favourites.

Me: Cucumber?

Nell: Personally I think cucumber has to be part of an afternoon tea but would never be a stand-alone choice like cheese and pickle.

Me: You are right.

Nell: The Cat’s sequinned napkins were judged pretty but impractical. Greg got one stuck on his chin.

Me: It sounds like a successful tasting.

Nell: Yes. Pastries and cakes are next.

Me: Poppy’s scones should pass the test.

Nell: Poppy’s scones aren’t up for debate. They are on the menu. Afternoon tea without Poppy’s scones? That’s like going for a walk without the dog. Unthinkable.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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