Me: It’s still very stormy out there.

Nell: Yes. Meghan said everyone was holding on to their hats at Epiphany’s wedding yesterday.

Me: Eugenie.

Nell: Yes. Odd name. I’m so glad Meghan took my advice and went for understated elegance. One doesn’t want to upstage the bride.

Me: Quite. I’m surprised you weren’t invited.

Nell: I was, but I have my paws full with the cafe and it was Tink’s birthday.

Me: True.

Me: Where are Harriet and Poppy?

Nell: They are playing Bitey Fighters, or is it Fighting Biters? I’m never quite sure.

Me: It looks fierce.

Nell: It is just a game. They need to let off steam. Poppy was up early baking bread and Harriet has been helping.

Me: But it’s Saturday. They need some time off.

Nell: We need freshly baked bread for the sandwich tasting this afternoon. You can’t expect the panel to eat shop bought bread.

Me: The panel?

Nell: Of course. John the Toad and Greg Walrus.

Me: What do they know about food?

Nell: They have been judging Masterchef for years.

Me: I don’t think you’ve got their names right.

Nell: Anyway, Mutley and I will be joining them on the panel along with Nigella.

Me: Nigella is coming?

Nell: Nigella Pawsome from the Whippets Institute. Do you know her? She has quite a following.

Me: I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

Nell: Now, David did extremely well at school and is continuing his training at home for a while before resuming adolescent classes in November.

Me: Well done, Dave.

Nell: We have a special word for good behaviour. “Marvellous.” Use it sparingly please.

Me: “Marvellous.”

Nell: You see, you never listen. Don’t just say it randomly like that. You have to follow it with a treat.

Me: Oh, I see. So, if something was “Absolutely Marvellous ” you would probably give two treats.

Nell: I give up. Just leave it to me.

Me: Sorry.

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