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Sunday contemplation

Nell: Harriet and I have been enjoying a lovely chat with your sister. It is delightful that she was able to stay.

Me: Good.

Nell: The thing about Sundays is they encourage contemplation.

Me: Do they?

Nell: Yes. After a hearty breakfast it is time to rest by the fire with the Sunday papers and chat.

Me: I only had cereal upstairs.

Nell: You were too busy writing to join us. Poppy excelled herself. The eggs were a gift from Tony you know.

Me: How kind.

Nell: Yes. Fresh from his chickens.

Me: What were you talking about?

Nell: Life. Love. Lettuce.

Me: Lettuce?

Nell: We were discussing sandwiches. Poppy feels lettuce can make a sandwich go limp and I am inclined to agree.

Me: I like lettuce.

Nell: Yes, but finger sandwiches don’t have lettuce. They are more compact.

Me: Did you discuss anything else?

Nell: Yes. Raisins.

Me: Raisins?

Nell: In scones. We think not, but some people enjoy them. Poppy suggests we offer both.

Me: So the talk was mainly of food?

Nell: No. Harriet and your sister talked bookkeeping and accounting while David practised his dancing and Mutley played the piano. Poppy was in the kitchen and Kev and I just relaxed and listened.

Me: I seem to have missed out on quite a morning.

Nell: Someone has to write about it.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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