Party planning

Me: I love this photo of Jonathan and Mutley.

Nell: Yes, I think they were discussing tractors. Mutley is very knowledgeable. I am putting together an album for their birthdays.

Me: How lovely. How are preparations for tomorrow’s birthday party coming along?

Nell: Poppy and I have finalised the menu. It’s all London favourites of Mutley’s. Cockles, whelks and jellied eels to start. Pie and mash with liquor for main.

Me: What kind of liquor? Whisky?

Nell: No, it’s a green parsley sauce. Do keep up. Jam roly poly and custard for afters.

Me: You never say afters.

Nell: But Mutley does, and it’s his party.

Me: True. Why is Dave hovering by the gate?

Nell: Pawsome and Basin are delivering a hamper with the Port and Stilton. David is responsible for signing for it and then bringing it to Poppy.

Me: Oh dear. What about the cake?

Nell: Mutley enjoys a plain sponge, so Poppy has made one in the shape of a piano. Harriet is icing it under her guidance. There will be 15 candles, of course.

Me: It all sounds under control.

Nell: Hopefully. The Cat is responsible for the decorations which is a slight concern. I am expecting lots of glitter.

Me: Yes. What about entertainment?

Nell: Mutley’s swing band are flying in from the United States.

Me: He will be delighted. Where is he?

Nell: Charlie has taken him for a round of golf and drinks at the club house.

Me: Nell, there’s a Great Dane at the gate talking to Dave.

Nell: It will be Ron Gilbert from Torquay. The Cat roped him in to do the lighting.

Me: Dave just gave him a handbag and he’s putting something in it.

Nell: What? It’s my handbag, isn’t it? I can see Gladys and Rita Pawreno peering out. Are those castanets?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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