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Mutley’s 15th Birthday

Nell: Would someone please get Gladys out of the hamper. She has her head in the Stilton.

Me: You wouldn’t let her sleep in your handbag.

Nell: Rita is already in there. Why has Ron Gilbert got a moustache?

Me: The Cat painted it on him while he was asleep.

Nell: Well, Mutley’s fifteenth birthday party is one we shall never forget.

Me: The highlight has to be Mutley singing “My Way” on top of the piano.

Nell: Yes. It’s amazing what a swing band and a bowl of jam roly poly can do.

Me: What about Poppy doing a sword dance?

Nell: Accompanied by John on the bagpipes. Their kilts were the genuine article you know.

Me: When those Frenchies started dancing flamenco I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Nell: Yes. I never knew bulldogs could be so light on their paws.

Me: Harriet and Jim sang beautifully. She has such a sweet voice.

Nell: I’m not sure we needed Rita and Gladys dancing around them with roses in their teeth.

Me: And Dave’s performance? Spectacular.

Nell: Words fail me. Where did he get those stilts from and the trapeze?

Me: And how did The Cat get in the cake?

Nell: I’ve no idea but when it jumped out at midnight I thought that elderly Airedale in the corner was going to have a heart attack.

Me: It was very impressive. Mutley loved it all.

Nell: And we love Mutley.

Me: Talking of love. Did I see you smoochy dancing with Charlie?

Nell: Smoochy dancing? Go and wish Mutley a Happy Birthday again from us all and leave my love life to me.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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