Just let us sleep

Nell: Not now David and I are resting. Visiting hours aren’t until later.

Me: I just wanted an update.

Nell: I don’t think I can update anyone on anything. I’m exhausted after all that dancing last night.

Me: The Cat and Dave were just excited about Strictly starting again.

Nell: Aren’t we all, but we have months to go and sequinned socks are a step too far.

Me: Yes, but we need to talk about Jago.

Nell: Well, talk quietly please. It’s Sunday morning and I haven’t even had a cup of Earl Grey yet.

Me: So it seems the Beefies broke their word and revealed Jago isn’t a pedigree.

Nell: We don’t know if it was them but the Salcombe Set have definitely cancelled Jago’s membership.

Me: How did you find out?

Nell: Sebastian rang me yesterday evening. He said there was nothing he could do.

Me: Are you seeing him again?

Nell: Yes. Sebastian is excellent company. He is a very well travelled spaniel, although the gold collar is a little ostentatious.

Me: You must invite him here so we can get to know him too.

Nell: Poppy said the same thing. She wants to try out a new recipe. Fruity chicken curry. I hope Mutley doesn’t make pina coladas. David ate one of those little umbrellas last time.

Me: Did you talk to Jago?

Nell: Yes. He was very low when I spoke to him. Ashamed of losing the cafe.

Me: Maybe the Beefies will sell it back to him if it doesn’t do well.

Nell: The reviews on TreatAdvisor are certainly appalling. I mean who wants a lobster latte, or a monkfish macchiato?

Me: Not me. Were you able to console him?

Nell: I think I was. I told him that diversity is welcomed nowadays and nobody gives a fig for your background. A Doberdane is a wonderful thing to be and he should be proud not ashamed.

Me: What did he say?

Nell: He brightened up considerably and told me about a rather lovely Labradoodle called Lily who he has been seeing secretly. I think Harriet knows her from dance classes.

Me: I didn’t know Harriet danced.

Nell: She goes to Rita Pawreno with Gladys. Didn’t you see her dancing with Jim last night?

Me: I thought their salsa was good.

Nell: Honestly, next you’ll be telling me you didn’t know Poppy won Masterchef.

Me: Poppy is a Masterchef champion?

Nell: Masterchef Professionals. Do keep up. Poppy isn’t an amateur.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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