We are not sure about Sebastian

Nell: I don’t know why you’ve all taken against Sebastian. You ruined my evening. Poppy apologised but it’s too late.

Me: There’s something we don’t like about him.

Nell: You are always like this when I meet someone. You were the same about Charlie.

Me: We weren’t. We like Charlie. A lot.

Nell: Well, he isn’t here and Sebastian is.

Me: I know. Charlie is off doing James Bond stuff.

Nell: Good grief. Stop getting carried away. Charlie works for the Secret Service but he isn’t James Bond.

Me: He is handsome enough to be.

Nell: Enough about Charlie. Just try and be civil to Sebastian.

Me: We are.

Nell: Poppy gave Sebastian the smallest poppadom and hardly any chutney.

Me: By accident.

Nell: Poppy doesn’t do things by accident. Especially when it comes to food.

Me: Oh.

Nell: Harriet gave him custard when he asked for cream.

Me: Custard goes well with Poppy’s apple crumble.

Nell: It was for his coffee.

Me: Oh. It was probably a mistake then.

Nell: Harriet winked at David. I saw her.

Me: But he’s so pretentious. He won’t stop talking about himself.

Nell: It’s just his way. He comes from a wealthy family.

Me: Sebastian is not right for you, Nell. His ears are too long and his hair is too girly.

Nell: I will make my own decisions, thank you, and they will not be based on looks.

Me: You are right. By the way, Mutley thinks he knows him from somewhere.

Nell: Probably the yacht club. Sebastian loves to sail.

Me: Just be careful. We are only protecting you.

Nell: Did David just walk past carrying my handbag and wearing a sequinned bandage?

Me: He might have done.

Nell: The Cat is behind this and stop laughing.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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