Tony pays a visit

Me: There is nothing like a surprise visit from your best friend.

Nell: I agree. It is a joy to see them together.

Me: The minute Dave saw Tony he ran to the gate.

Nell: Yes. Although running isn’t actually allowed. They had a marvellous discussion about bandages and David showed Tony his. Tony’s lab Milo had chickens on his bandage.

Me: And Dave’s?

Nell: David’s has tractors. In honour of grandson Jonathan, I expect, we know how much he loves them.

Me: Yes, although I’m not sure the vet knew that when he put it on.

Nell: I am aware of that but Jonathan isn’t.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Both Mutley and Jonathan have birthdays this month. Mutley on 18th and Jonathan on 19th.

Me: They do.

Nell: And I believe you also became a Great Aunt on Wednesday to little Lily.

Me: I did.

Nell: So all in all this is quite a busy month.

Me: It is.

Nell: I know it would have been your mother’s birthday this month too.

Me: Yes. She loved September.

Nell: We will still celebrate her life with your sisters at the end of the month.

Me: Yes, we will.

Nell: In the meantime let’s enjoy the fact that Tony’s visit has made David’s day.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

Nell: There is no need to say sorry. None at all.

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