Dave is a good brave boy

Nell: I’m glad Alex was able to see David so quickly.

Me: Yes, it was a relief but I hadn’t expected he would need sedation.

Nell: Fortunately he hadn’t had much to eat.

Me: Yes, and Richard operated quickly.

Nell: He tore his dew claw down to the quick. There was nothing else to be done. They had to sedate him to cut it off.

Me: Yes, and he was so brave, Nell. He licked Alex while he was being examined.

Nell: Yes, he is a good brave boy. Now, has he had his antibiotics this morning and a light breakfast?

Me: Yes. He is having a rest and Harriet is watching over him.

Nell: No chewing of the bandage in the night which is excellent.

Me: Yes. We can’t go down to the beach today, Nell.

Nell: I know that. We all went to the beach yesterday so we will be happy with country walks until he can join us.

Me: That’s good. I thought you might be disappointed.

Nell: We are family. David is doing well and is safely home. Nothing else matters. You know that.

Me: Yes, I do. Sorry.

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