Nell: Well, that was a lovely lunch yesterday.

Me: Yes.

Nell: As soon as Poppy and John saw each other they both apologised and John hasn’t left her side since.

Me: I am so glad they are back together.

Nell: Yes. Between you and me, Poppy’s scones weren’t quite as light as usual during their estrangement. Today’s breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup, however, was excellent.

Me: Where are they today?

Nell: They’ve gone into Salcombe to see John’s younger brother Jago. He runs the Starbarks there and they wanted to let him know about Hollywoof and the Beefies.

Me: I don’t think I’ve met Jago.

Nell: There’s something not quite trustworthy about him. He’s tall and slim and always immaculately turned out but he doesn’t have John’s solid dependability. Poppy is not keen.

Me: I know exactly what you mean. Shifty eyes?

Nell: He usually wears sunglasses so it’s difficult to tell. He’s one of the Salcombe Set.

Me: Your new beau Sebastian probably knows him then.

Nell: Sebastian is not my beau as you well know. I suppose he might be acquainted with Jago, though. It’s a small world.

Me: I remember now. Didn’t Jago upset Harriet?

Nell: Yes, he made unwelcome advances at a beach barbecue. David intervened.

Me: I hope he stamped on his sandcastle.

Nell: Words were exchanged. Surfboards were scratched and sausages were thrown.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: Nobody bothers Harriet when her brother is around.

Me: Go Dave. He’s normally such a gentle giant.

Nell: There was something about Jago he didn’t like. So don’t mention him. It’s like a red rag to a Rottweiler.

Me: Don’t you mean bull?

Nell: No. Rottweiler’s couldn’t care less about bulls. They just hate red.

Me: I didn’t know. Sorry.

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