Semi Final Day

Me: Did you have a nice walk down by the river?

Nell: Yes. Cooling my paws helps me to think.

Me: Have you heard from Poppy?

Nell: Yes. I’m glad she decided to fly out yesterday evening. Mutley managed to get rooms at the Lotte Hotel Moscow.

Me: Isn’t that the top one?

Nell: Yes. He has connections.

Me: And Poppy?

Nell: Poppy is with the team. Boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast. Fresh from the farm with Poppy’s home baked bread and Devon butter. Egg sandwiches and scones for later.

Me: I’m glad the eggs didn’t break.

Nell: The farm dogs helped pack everything. Jim is proving to be a very helpful young dog. I just wish he’d cut his hair.

Me: Harriet likes it. He’s her screensaver on her phone.

Nell: Young love.

Me: Is Charlie still on yours?

Nell: Never you mind. I do hope The Cat behaves at Mutley’s business lunch. Why on earth was it wearing that ridiculous hat?

Me: It was very feathery. Dave will love it.

Nell: Mutley is finalising the opening of a new chain of restaurants across Russia and doesn’t need any distractions.

Me: Quite. How is Gareth?

Nell: Calm and confident. I’ve told him I will definitely be there if the boys get to the final.

Me: I really think they can do it.

Nell: I know they can. I was talking to Harry last night. Sensible boy.

Me: Prince Harry?

Nell: No. We had a brief chat after Meghan left but I meant Harry Kane.

Me: How are Harry and Meghan?

Nell: Fine. They were sorry I couldn’t come to Louis’ christening but quite understood.

Me: How’s Dave?

Nell: He is FaceTiming with Harriet. He got egg all over his track suit so she is chatting to Pickford while he is changing.

Me: It’s a big day for England, Nell.

Nell: It is. I think we will order pizza this evening. We might as well support Mutley.

Me: But he is in Moscow.

Nell: It’s his chain. Who do you think owns Pizza Mutt? Do keep up.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

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