What was The Cat wearing?

Me: Would you like your tea in bed?

Nell: I would like to sleep.

Me: Come on, you know you want to chat.

Nell: Did The Cat perform “Big Spender” dressed in sequins?

Me: It did.

Nell: Was David wearing a blonde wig and throwing sausages into the crowd from his hat?

Me: He was.

Nell: Did Harriet tell me she was engaged to young Jim?

Me: She did, but you said that was nonsense and soon put her right.

Nell: Did Mutley tap dance on the piano?

Me: Only briefly. Dave caught him, so no bones broken.

Nell: John the Doberman didn’t perform a stand up routine though, did he?

Me: Yes. He was hilarious.

Nell: How bizarre. Did Ed fly in by helicopter to perform a few numbers?

Me: Yes. And before you ask, yes, Poppy was the pilot. Can you believe it?

Nell: Of course, I can. Poppy has been flying for years. She toyed with the idea of doing it for a living, but cooking is her real passion.

Me: Oh.

Nell: Do keep up. Now where is Poppy? We need to discuss menus as we have guests coming to lunch and England are playing Panama at 1pm.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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