Party preparations

Me: Where is Harriet?

Nell: Sitting by the back door gazing at the garden.

Me: Poor darling is enjoying her freedom.

Nell: Poor darling is enjoying that young farm dog serenading her over the fence.

Me: Really? How romantic.

Nell: It’s been going on since 7:30am. He has to stop soon I’ve got Saturday Kitchen to watch.

Me: That’s awfully sweet. He made her a garland of daisies you know.

Nell: Good grief. She will have to come in soon anyway. Poppy has made boiled eggs and soldiers. She and David need a good breakfast.

Me: I think Dave was hoping for sausages.

Nell: David is always hoping for sausages. He can have some at the barbecue later.

Me: How are the party preparations coming along?

Nell: A ridiculous number of people are coming. I hope the weather stays fine.

Me: The forecast is good. What’s the plan?

Nell: There will be a cream tea in the afternoon followed by canapés at 6 and then a barbecue and dancing.

Me: It sounds wonderful. What’s the entertainment?

Nell: Mutley will sing a few numbers at Harriet’s request. We managed to move his piano.

Me: Is Dave performing?

Nell: Yes, his band is supporting Mutley so they will be on first.

Me: What’s their name again?

Nell: Driftwood Bark. They’ve got quite a following.

Me: Those surfers love to sing.

Nell: Yes, but why do they have to bring their surfboards with them everywhere they go? I’m always falling over them.

Me: Any news from Charlie?

Nell: Richard Price is refusing to talk. Several of the cats are still on the run. Russian Blues, you know, we should have noticed.

Me: Is The Cat invited to the party?

Nell: Of course. Poppy is making mackerel pate especially. The Cat’s favourite.

Me: Do you think it is working for MI5 too?

Nell, Oh do stop! You are seeing spies everywhere.

Me: The farm dogs dropped off a barrel of cider. Home made. They are awfully excited about the party.

Nell: We are not drinking that disgusting stuff. They make it with rats.

Me: Your phone is ringing!

Nell: Stop panicking. It’s only Gareth again about tomorrow’s line-up.

Me: Gareth Southgate? The England football manager?

Nell: Yes, of course.

Me: You don’t know anything about football, Nell.

Nell: I managed the Rowstock Rovers for years. Do keep up. Now where’s my list?

Me: Oh, sorry.

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