Me: I think I woke Dave.

Nell: He is exhausted after class this morning. We have been exploring the concept of Sharing. Is there such a thing as a fair share?

Me: I don’t know. Is there?

Nell: It is a difficult one. Labradors share beds and bowls, even blankets and balls, but we struggle with sharing food.

Me: Terriers share theirs.

Nell: They do not. They mess around picking at their food and then walk away leaving us to clean up after them. We have discussed this.

Me: I remember. A tidy bowl is a tidy mind.

Nell: Exactly. Today’s discussion was about portion size. Is it fair if David gets 2/3 of the pie and Harriet only 1/3?

Me: They shouldn’t really be eating pies.

Nell: That is not the point. Harriet finds it unfair but David argues that he is twice her size.

Me: He eats twice as fast too.

Nell: Don’t bring speed into it you will mess up my calculations. And morally, should David offer Harriet a piece of his pie?

Me: That’s never going to happen.

Nell: Anyway, trying to work it out gave David a headache and they are still working on it.

Me: It’s giving me one too. I always give him a larger portion for dinner but what is the correct answer?

Nell: Main meals can vary in size according to the dog but treats need to be equal.

Me: So it depends if the pie is a meal, or a treat.

Nell: It does.

Me: A pie is way too big for a treat.

Nell: It’s just an example.

Me: Yes, sorry.

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