Showing Restraint

Nell: I’ve given David a fail on his Showing Restraint Skills.

Me: Oh dear. He can’t help himself, Nell. When Tony arrives he just goes wild.

Nell: I know they are best friends but David is a large animal and there are risks involved.

Me: True.

Nell: Notice in the first photo how I wait for Tony to announce himself.

Me: Well, actually he was just saying hello and discussing the weather but yes, you are showing remarkable restraint.

Nell: Exactly, and then look at the second photo to see what happened next.

Me: David heard him open the gate and dashed out to welcome him.

Nell: All discussions were at an end. David monopolised Tony completely.

Me: Actually, we still had a chat, Nell. Tony is ever so good at multitasking.

Nell: We need a new sign. Beware of David. It simply won’t do.

Me: I’m hoping he will grow out of it.

Nell: I don’t think we want David growing at all, thank you. The mere idea.

Me: You are right. Sorry.

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