Indiscriminate Affection

Me: Look at you and Shel. He had a lovely visit. 

Nell: Shel values my company. I find Canadians very easy guests.

Me: Yes. They are relaxed people.

Nell: I also appreciated a break from the Comfort Ring, of course, and lunch by the sea is always welcome.

Me: You were an excellent host.

Nell: I was.

Me:  Especially as it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Nell: I beg your pardon.

Me: I wouldn’t say you are especially sociable.

Nell: I am reserved. When I decide to favour people with my attention it is all the more appreciated.

Me: True. You could be a little friendlier though. Look at Dave and Harriet and the welcome they give everyone.

Nell: Exactly. Everyone. Indiscriminate Affection.

Me: Yes. That’s the way you all are. It’s the labrador way.

Nell: It most certainly is not. There is a growing group of Reserved Labradors who think very differently.

Me: Are you the Chair?

Nell: I am one of the founders but someone else is chairing this year. And less of your cheek please. We are all different. As I keep telling David and Harriet: Embrace diversity.

Me: Yes, sorry.

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