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The secret beach

Me: I don’t like Mondays. They get me down.

Nell: Just think of the secret beach.

Me: Yes. It’s a special place.

Nell: It is. Sometimes when the world is getting you down you just need to go there in your mind.

Me: Very true.

Nell: I like the fact that hardly anyone knows it is there.

Me: So do I.

Nell: Getting there isn’t easy.

Me: No, it isn’t.

Nell: But once you are there it is all worth while.

Me: Are we really talking about the secret beach, or is this some kind of metaphor?

Nell: Metaphor? It’s Monday, give me a break.

Me: I just wondered.

Nell: Have a cup of tea, look at the photos and think of happy times.

Me: Ok, sorry.

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