When you suffer I suffer

Nell: So it’s not enough that I have to go to the vets. You have to post a photo.

Me: It’s typical of us, Nell. You look annoyed and I look like it’s me in pain.

Nell: I certainly didn’t want to be there and you are always ridiculous about these things. 

Me: When you suffer I suffer.

Nell: Except that’s not strictly true is it? Your ears weren’t cleaned.

Me: No. But I could imagine your pain and you were so brave.

Nell: Remind me to bring my camera to the dentist next time you go.

Me: Anyway, Emily is very pleased with you as you can see from her smile. Your ears are healing nicely.

Nell: You can leave them alone then.

Me: Actually, I have to clean them every day for the first week.

Nell: Oh, good.

Me: Don’t be sarcastic. How did the puppies’ exams go, by the way?

Nell: Harriet soared through with flying colours and David achieved a solid pass.

Me: I’m glad.

Nell: Yes. Harriet is particularly good at Retrieving and her Waiting Skills are excellent. David’s strengths lie elsewhere. He always achieves a tidy bowl and his Reassurance Skills are improving.

Me: I knew they would do well.

Nell: Yes. I’m expecting excellent results in June.

Me: You are an excellent teacher.

Nell: If you think I don’t know you are trying to distract me while you get ready to clean my ears, then you are very much mistaken. 

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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