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Strategic Placement

Nell: What is it now?

Me: There is no need to snap at me.

Nell: Today is exceptionally busy as the puppies are sitting their mock exams later and we still have some revising to do.

Me: I just wanted to discuss getting in the way.

Nell: Getting in whose way?

Me: Getting in everyone’s way. Why do you have to do that?

Nell: Are you talking about Strategic Placement?

Me: I might be. You know the way you and the puppies always lie in difficult places, so we have to keep stepping over you, or walking round you?

Nell: Yes, clever isn’t it?

Me: No. It’s ever so annoying.

Nell: Strategic Placement is one of the first skills a young labrador learns. One stretches out to full length, keeping a close eye on all comings and goings. Correct Placement is, of course, essential. If food is being prepared the distance is reduced.

Me: But you are in the way.

Nell: No. We are involved. Whether you are cooking, or going to the bathroom we are placed strategically to offer maximum support.

Me: I don’t find it supportive. I keep telling you to get out of the way.

Nell: But, answer this. Do you miss us when we aren’t there?

Me: That’s not fair. You know I like to have you with me.

Nell: Give me an honest answer. Do you find yourself actually wishing we were there because it’s part of your daily life and even comforting?

Me: Well, yes. Sort of.

Nell: Ha! Now leave the examination room as we have a lot to get through.

Me: Ok. Sorry.

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