World Kindness Day

Me: Today is World Kindness Day.

Nell: As I always say; ‘If you can be anything, be kind.’

Me: Dave was very kind to me.

Nell: What did he do?

Me: He rested his head on my legs.

Nell: That sounds more uncomfortable than kind.

Me: It was a little bit uncomfortable but he did it in a kind way.

Nell: If you say so.

Me: I saw you watching over Harriet.

Nell: She wasn’t herself.

Me: Yes, she seemed rather out of sorts.

Nell: Remembering can be exhausting.

Me: It can.

Nell: Anyway, I’m thinking of introducing slippers inside the house.

Me: Slippers?

Nell: You wear them.

Me: I do.

Nell: Have you seen the state of the floor? Muddy feet everywhere.

Me: I know. It’s never ending.

Nell: Quite. And no matter how many times I ask everyone to wipe their feet on the mat, they forget.

Me: Manuel is going to have to wear 8 slippers. Do they even make ones for an octopus?

Nell: Manuel is not the problem. And before you start asking me if they make slippers for woodlice, neither are Henry and Horst.

Me: Who is the problem?

Nell: David and that bear.

Me: Herr Hoffmann?

Nell: They have large feet.

Me: Olive the Other Reindeer has large feet.

Nell: She lives in The Barn and she’s out a lot at this time of year.

Me: I’ve had an idea.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: What if we asked Princess and Sir Roger Blubbery to slide around the floor?

Nell: Excuse me?

Me: They could clean it.

Nell: So now you want to introduce two large wet seals into the equation?

Me: It was just an idea.

Nell: You’ll be asking Malcolm to use his flamingo feathers as a duster next.

Me: Sorry.

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