Autumn Walks

Me: Autumn was my mother’s favourite time of year. She loved the colour of the leaves.

Nell: They’re quite a nuisance underpaw. I much prefer Spring.

Me: Spring is my favourite season too. More hopeful.

Nell: Indeed.

Me: There’s a sadness about Autumn.

Nell: Yes.

Me: I still keep looking for Poppy.

Nell: Of course you do. She was part of our lives for over ten years.

Me: Harriet is an autumn coloured dog. I was thinking that as I watched you all walking along. She blends into her surroundings.

Nell: It’s what spies do.

Me: The Stuffed Tiger doesn’t. It’s a terribly obvious spy.

Nell: It’s a blatant eavesdropper. I was trying to talk to my friend Dorothy on WoofsApp when it leant over and stuck its face in my iBone.

Me: I think it might just have lost its balance, Nell. It can’t actually move on its own.

Nell: What was it doing on the sofa then?

Me: I’m afraid someone must have put it there.

Nell: Well, they should put it there more carefully. The last thing I need is a huge Stuffed Tiger on top of me.

Me: I couldn’t agree more. Tigers are quite autumnal in their colours if you think about it.

Nell: Nonsense. They’re too stripey.

Me: True. Lions blend in more easily.

Nell: You might be right. Lionel said Herr Hoffmann didn’t even notice him at breakfast this morning.

Me: What was Lionel doing here?

Nell: Waiting to collect Roary. It’s half term.

Me: Is he still trying to take him away from Mrs King?

Nell: He just wants to spend some time with his son.

Me: Herr Hoffmann was probably ignoring him, by the way.

Nell: He’s far too well mannered to do that and you know it.

Me; Yes. Sorry.

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