Potato, Potahto

Nell: You were very noisy yesterday evening.

Me: We were having a good time.

Nell: I noticed. Why did you have to choose a Chinese takeaway? Dogs don’t eat Chinese food.

Me: It wasn’t about you, for once. My sister Charlotte came over to see Shel and it was about catching up with good friends.

Nell: I was actually very happy to hear you all laugh again. It’s been a while.

Me: It has.

Nell: Is Charlotte staying for Sunday roast?

Me: No, she has to get home.

Nell: But she’ll be here for Sunday Songs?

Me: I expect so.

Nell: She won’t want to miss it.

Me: Why?

Nell: The Whippets Institute Acrobatic Team are performing.

Me: I never knew they had an acrobatic team.

Nell: Whippets are very agile. It’s not all homemade cakes and big bands, you know.

Me: Obviously not.

Nell: Poppy trained half of them. She was an honorary whippet.

Me: Yes. I think I knew that.

Nell: They’re going to be responsible for most of the stunts in the upcoming Indiana Bones and the Raiders of the Lost Bark blockbuster movie.

Me: Goodness me.

Nell: And as Shel is visiting they thought they would put on a performance.

Me: Is that why the minibus arrived so early?

Nell: Yes. The llamas are playing the baddies so they wanted a quick run through.

Me: I don’t really see the llamas as baddies. They’re far too cheerful.

Nell: They’re extremely good at falling over.

Me: But does that make you bad, or just clumsy?

Nell: Potato, potahto.

Me: You always say that when you don’t have an answer.

Nell: Do you want honey, or jam on your bread roll?

Me: You’re ignoring me.

Nell: Make a decision, please. I don’t have all day.

Me: Honey. Sorry.

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