Nell welcomes Shel and Dave prepares an English Breakfast

Me: You don’t mind trains and stations, do you?

Nell: No, I find them quite interesting.

Me: The noise doesn’t bother you at all.

Nell: To be fair, our local station isn’t exactly London Paddington.

Me: True. You were very pleased to see Shel.

Nell: We all were.

Me: I noticed you cuddling up to him later.

Nell: It’s important to make visitors feel welcome.

Me: Shel’s like family.

Nell: Even more important then.

Me: He’s very sad about Poppy. He says the house is awfully quiet without her.

Nell: He doesn’t have her issuing orders in his head.

Me: What’s she saying?

Nell: It’s Saturday so David needs to make sure Shel has a proper English breakfast. Bacon, eggs, mushroom and tomatoes.

Me: Are you sure Poppy said that?

Nell: Absolutely. She knows we’ve been having a lot of German breakfasts recently.

Me: Only that sounds like something you, or Dave, would say.

Nell: Moving on, you will be pleased to hear David has listened to Poppy’s advice and is busy grilling bacon as we speak.

Me: I can smell it.

Nell: Herr Hoffmann has been given a well earned morning off.

Me: Will Dave manage alone?

Nell: Malcolm and Manuel are there too.

Me: Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

Nell: You’re best leaving it to the experts.

Me: But Dave isn’t an expert, Nell. He’s only partially trained.

Nell: He has Poppy’s recipe book, winning ways and a willingness to learn. What more could you possibly want?

Me: I just hope the bacon doesn’t get eaten by mistake.

Nell: Bacon is meant to be eaten. Anyway, Poppy’s instructions allow for Chef’s Treats so there’s nothing to be worried about.

Me: Chef’s Treats?

Nell: Extra bacon. Do keep up.

Me: I see. Sorry.

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