The Gastrobus Incident

Me: Can we have a word about your behaviour at the Gastrobus by the beach, please?

Nell: I behaved perfectly.

Me: No, you did not.

Nell: I kept Kev’s place in the queue.

Me: There wasn’t anyone else there.

Nell: Winston was there.

Me: Suddenly he counts.

Nell: That’s a little harsh.

Me: Kev and I just wanted a cup of tea.

Nell: I know.

Me: But while Kev went back to the car to get his wallet you ordered burgers for everyone.

Nell: Not everyone. Only for me, David and Harriet.

Me: You didn’t include Winston and he was waiting patiently in the queue.

Nell: Winston is the Gastrobus dog. He can have burgers any time he likes.

Me: He’s not allowed.

Nell: There you are then.

Me: It was extremely naughty. Did Dave and Harriet know you were going to do that?

Nell: Why?

Me: They kept Kev busy by tangling up Dave’s lead.

Nell: We were very hungry. A Labrador needs sustenance after a long walk.

Me: You’d already had one of Herr Hoffmann’s big German breakfasts.

Nell: That was Morning Food.

Me: A good breakfast can keep you going all day.

Nell: Don’t make me laugh. You were just jealous.

Me: You can’t just do that, Nell.

Nell: I particularly enjoy the beach in October.

Me: You’re ignoring me again.

Nell: The crowds have all gone and we dogs can enjoy the freedom to roam freely.

Me: Kev was only expecting to pay for two teas.

Nell: It was a delightful day for everyone.

Me: And you ordered the Gastrobus special burgers too.

Nell: It’s Alice’s birthday tomorrow.

Me: Stop changing the subject.

Nell: I would have thought your daughter’s birthday would be the most important subject on your mind at the moment.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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