Nell is Concerned about Herr Hoffmann and Other Things

Me: Dave has the dearest ears of any animal I know.

Nell: Never mind that.

Me: When he was tiny they used to trail in the water bowl.

Nell: David was never tiny.

Me: Absolutely adorable. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: If you’ve quite finished I have something to discuss.

Me: Although he is looking a little worried. Did he eat Herr Hoffmann’s boiled egg again by mistake?

Nell: Only one of them and it’s bacon sandwiches for elevenses today because it’s the weekend so no one is going to starve.

Me: Good.

Nell: I want to talk about Herr Hoffmann.

Me: Don’t be jealous, Nell. He’s just a friend and he’s such a gentlemanly sort of bear.

Nell: So everyone keeps telling me. He and Rupert bonded over a shared love of Dickens.

Me: I knew he and Knitwear Wolf would get on well. So what’s bothering you?

Nell: He’s gone back to bed.

Me: Knitwear Wolf has a very busy life and it is Saturday.

Nell: Not Rupert. Herr Hoffmann. He’s fast asleep again and he’s only just finished his breakfast.

Me: I know you shouldn’t sleep on a full tummy but I don’t think it matters now and again.

Nell: He’s sleeping an awful lot and yawning when he’s awake.

Me: Being in another country with everyone talking a different language can be very tiring. I struggled at first when I moved to Berlin.

Nell: Rupert speaks German, so it isn’t that.

Me: Does he? I never knew.

Nell: And Herr Hoffmann understands more English than you think. He finds David very amusing.

Me: I think it’s lovely that you’re so concerned about him.

Nell: I’m concerned about my bedroom. Where am I going to go when I need some quiet?

Me: I don’t know. Sorry.

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