Who Dips their Paws in the Honey?

Nell: The weather yesterday was an unexpected bonus, wasn’t it?

Me: You certainly seemed to enjoy our walk by the river.

Nell: I find the grass nice and soft under paw.

Me: Harriet was in and out of the water as usual.

Nell: And David got himself wrapped around a tree trunk.

Me: I know. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. Kev had to climb down to unwind the lead.

Nell: I don’t know why you and Kev shouted at me not to go into the river.

Me: It was deep and fast flowing after all the rain.

Nell: I’m glad I didn’t listen.

Me: And I’m glad you only had a brief paddle.

Nell: I know my limitations.

Me: Talking of limitations, I think all that travelling has completely exhausted Herr Hoffmann.

Nell: Why have you given him the front bedroom with the shiny red coverlet?

Me: He needed to sleep and he’s not the youngest of bears.

Nell: The front bedroom is my quiet place.

Me: I thought you wouldn’t mind. He really was very tired. He fell asleep in his cottage pie.

Nell: He seemed in good spirits at breakfast. Sharing boiled eggs and soldiers with David.

Me: I know it was sweet the way Dave bit the top off his egg for him, wasn’t it?

Nell: I’m not sure David should have eaten it.

Me: It’s an easy mistake to make. Herr Hoffmann found it funny.

Nell: And who dips their paws in the honey?

Me: He’s a bear. You don’t even like honey. You’re a marmalade sort of animal.

Nell: I thought bears liked marmalade.

Me: Only Paddington and his family.

Nell: We’re not expecting more of them, are we?

Me: No. Paddington lives in London with the Browns.

Nell: Why mention him then?

Me: Sorry.

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