A Dog About Town

Me: I can understand why your friend Dorothy fell in love with Naughty Nigel. He really is a handsome hound.

Nell: There you go again.

Me: What have I done now?

Nell: Discussing Dorothy’s love life in public.

Me: We’re amongst friends.

Nell: It’s private.

Me: I heard you talking about it with The Cat.

Nell: The Cat is family.

Me: Said no dog ever.

Nell: I’m not any dog and I’m only talking about The Cat. It cares for Dorothy. They’re occasional bridge partners when I’m too busy.

Me: I didn’t know The Cat played cards.

Nell: It prefers poker with Poppy but will play other games if pushed.

Me: I’m glad Nigel and Boo have settled in.

Nell: Where are the photos of Boo?

Me: He’s very shy. Every time I pick up my phone he moves away.

Nell: I know how he feels.

Me: You’re not shy.

Nell: No, but I’m private. I don’t like my love life discussed either.

Me: Talking of your love life, I saw that wretched lion walking across the field in jodhpurs and a big hat this morning.

Nell: Lionel has been asked to understudy David.

Me: What? That’s a terrible idea and Lionel doesn’t look a bit like Dave. He’s blonde and bushy.

Nell: Lionel has a very nice mane. It’s luxurious not bushy. He’s only standing in for David when needed. Stop fussing.

Me: Nigel should be standing in for Dave. He’s a much better fit.

Nell: Nigel’s already been cast as A Dog About Town, didn’t you know?

Me: No. He’ll be good at that.

Nell: Yes. The Cat thinks he should wear a white suit and a Panama hat.

Me: I bet Dorothy came over all unnecessary when she heard that.

Nell: Stop discussing Dorothy.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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