A Bit of a Wolf

Me: At least the sun came out for a while yesterday.

Nell: Yes, we were able to have a picnic by the river.

Me: And the children went down to the sea.

Nell: Rupert is thinking of running a paddle boarding safety class, by the way.

Me: Any particular reason why?

Nell: When the sea mists came down nobody could see, or be seen, but some people were still out on their boards until the lifeguards called them in.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: As a seasoned paddle boarder himself Rupert feels he could be of help to others.

Me: We first saw Knitwear Wolf on a paddle board down at Hope Cove, didn’t we? He waved at us. Do you remember?

Nell: Of course I remember.

Me: I suppose you would. It’s not every day a wolf in knitted garments waves at you from a paddle board.

Nell: True. It’s not an everyday occurrence.

Me: Little did we know he would become such an important part of our lives.

Nell: Snoopy wants him to audition for Indy’s father.

Me: That’s a wonderful idea. He’d be perfect, wouldn’t he?

Nell: Yes. I rather think he would.

Me: But hang on a minute. Does that mean Indy has to be a wolf?

Nell: Of course not.

Me: But if his father is a wolf then he must be a bit of a wolf too.

Nell: This is a movie. Indy can be whoever he needs to be.

Me: Even a fierce female terrier?

Nell: Did Poppy tell you to ask that?

Me: No.

Nell: Personally, I don’t see Indy as a female but the decision does not lie with me alone.

Me: Fair enough.

Nell: I draw the line at llamas and seals, however. So, don’t start suggesting that.

Me: Right. Sorry.

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