Oh Dear

Me: Dave adores his sister, doesn’t he? Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: Faye’s playing ‘Caring for the Poorly Animal’ with Harriet and even though Dave knows Harriet isn’t actually unwell he’s still keeping an eye on her.

Nell: David is asleep.

Me: It isn’t real sleep. As soon as Faye says, ‘Oh dear’ he opens his eyes.

Nell: A wise decision. ‘Oh dear’ is never a good thing to hear. What’s wrong with Harriet?

Me: It’s just a game, Nell. I used to play it as a child. There’s nothing wrong with her. Faye’s just made her a bed of cushions and covered her in a blanket.

Nell: This dreadful weather would make anyone unwell.

Me: I feel sorry for the families who are camping.

Nell: Yes. Entertaining children in a tent in the rain is not an ideal situation.

Me: Hopefully the weather will change soon and they can all get back on the beach.

Nell: They’re still on the beach. A bit of bad weather isn’t going to stop anyone.

Me: Good for them.

Nell: It’s making auditions awkward too. Everything has to happen inside the marquee because of the rain and there’s not a lot of room for sword fighting, or boulder rolling.

Me: Boulder rolling?

Nell: You can’t have an Indiana Bones movie without a rolling boulder.

Me: I suppose not.

Nell: All I can say is it’s lucky the Welsh Corgi Choir are well padded.

Me: Why?

Nell: They’re dropping like skittles. That boulder gathers quite a momentum.

Me: Are they alright?

Nell: Yes. The plucky little things bounce straight back up again.

Me: Who rolled the boulder in the first place?

Nell: Poppy. She’s Boulder Rolling Champion of the South West. Do keep up.

Me: Of course. Sorry.

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