Just Being Together

Me: I’ve been doing some thinking.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: It’s interesting how different we are.

Nell: Yes. I’m a Labrador and you’re a writer.

Me: I mean in our ways. When we were in the activity field Jonathan had no time for quiet. He was off running and playing all the time.

Nell: Or trying to train the puppies.

Me: Dave and Harriet are six. The same age as Jonathan.

Nell: Sometimes they’re simply puppies.

Me: Anyway, Faye ran around too but then she needed some quiet time with Grandpa.

Nell: I’m on her side.

Me: Just sitting on the tree trunks watching everyone.

Nell: I didn’t feel the need to climb onto a tree trunk but a short rest in the grass was welcome.

Me: And one evening Kev was outside gazing at the stars when he looked down and saw Faye had found her little garden chair and put it next to him.

Nell: Bless.

Me: He said they just sat there together. Quietly watching the stars. No need for words.

Nell: Perfect.

Me: And I thought to myself that’s all we need really, isn’t it? Being together is enough.

Nell: It is. Although words are useful at times.

Me: Yes, and I’m grateful they are.

Nell: I’m going to have to have words with Tiffany Jones.

Me: The dancing chihuahua?

Nell: I found a whole troupe of chihuahuas eating pancakes in the kitchen this morning.

Me: What?

Nell: I blame you, of course.

Me: Why?

Nell: If you hadn’t mentioned breakfast at Tiffany’s this never would have happened.

Me: It’s a film.

Nell: I know. As I said to Lucy and Snoopy on our zoom call, this is not a musical it’s an action movie. We have no need for dancing chihuahuas.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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