Saying Goodbye

Me: Why were you growling at Andre?

Nell: I needed him to listen to me.

Me: You’re an attention seeker. You wanted him to stroke you.

Nell: I am not.

Me: You’re as bad as Dave.

Nell: I’m nothing like David.

Me: Not usually, but you have your moments.

Nell: Why are you up so early? It’s Sunday.

Me: Kev is taking Andre to the station and I want to say goodbye. He’s flying back to Berlin today.

Nell: Now, the children are going to be sad that their father has gone back to Germany so I was thinking Sunday Songs could include a little more audience participation.

Me: Good idea.

Nell: What do you think about riding a llama?

Me: I think the llama wouldn’t like it at all.

Nell: Not you. The children.

Me: I think they’d love it.

Nell: The llamas agree. Knitwear Wolf has made them secure saddles and The Cat has organised sequinned cowboy hats, boots and helmets.

Me: Why do the llamas need helmets?

Nell: The helmets are for the children. The llamas will be wearing the cowboy hats and boots.

Me: Any particular reason why?

Nell: Health and Safety.

Me: I don’t think cowboy hats are going to protect anyone.

Nell: I’m talking about the helmets.

Me: I see.

Nell: The Welsh Corgi Choir will kick off proceedings with a lively rendition of ‘Oh What A Beautiful Morning’ which I am happy to say it is.

Me: Yes. It’s lovely to see the sun again.

Nell: Hot dogs will be served in the interval.

Me: We don’t usually have an interval, or hot dogs.

Nell: Just because something doesn’t usually happen doesn’t mean it can’t.

Me: True.

Nell: Now, come and say goodbye to Andre before the line dancing begins.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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