The Loves of My Life

Me: It was really stormy and wild this morning, wasn’t it? I even got warning alerts from 5am.

Nell: You shouldn’t leave your iBone on.

Me: Someone might need me.

Nell: We’re all here.

Me: Chris isn’t, and neither is Charlotte.

Nell: I give up.

Me; Where’s Faye, by the way? I haven’t seen her this morning,

Nell: On the stairs waiting for breakfast with Harriet.

Me: I love the way you dogs are bonding with the children. It’s what I’ve always dreamt would happen.

Nell: We love each other.

Me: One of my earliest memories is the day our Golden Retriever, Santa, came to live with us. It was Christmas Day and I found a dog bowl and collar in my pillow case.

Nell: That sounds uncomfortable.

Me: Our Christmas presents were always in pillow cases. We would put them on the end of the bed at night and find them full in the morning.

Nell: How exciting.

Me: I was very young but could spell out the word DOG. It was all rather mysterious until my parents took me downstairs and there was Santa. The love of my life.

Nell: I’m the love of your life.

Me: You all are. I’m just saying Santa was a very special dog and we children doted on her. She was so calm and tolerant of our games.

Nell: Just like me. Tolerance is my middle name.

Me: Not always.

Nell: Someone has to keep you grounded. You have far too much imagination for your own good.

Me: We certainly have some lively conversations.

Nell: Jonathan and I had a most interesting conversation yesterday evening after he finished playing backgammon with his grandfather.

Me: What was it about?

Nell: Never you mind. Nosey Parker. It was between Johnny and me.

Me: Sorry.

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