Harriet Has Lost Her Ball

Me: What’s the matter with Harriet?

Nell: She’s very unhappy about losing her ball.

Me: You mean the one that sunk in the river?

Nell: Kev threw it away.

Me: Harriet asked him to throw it. He didn’t know it was half eaten and had lost its bounce.

Nell: It was her favourite ball.

Me: There’ll be other balls.

Nell: Easy for you to say. You’d be very unhappy if I threw your book in the river.

Me: You mean the one I’m reading now?

Nell: You’ve only got a few pages to go.

Me: That would be a horrid thing to do.

Nell: Exactly. It’s just the same.

Me: It’s not the same at all.

Nell: I know. I’m just pulling your tail.

Me: You mean leg.

Nell: No, I don’t. Harriet’s in a mood because David says she can’t have her own trailer.

Me: What?

Nell: When we start filming. David says Harriet might have to share her trailer.

Me: Harriet isn’t going to be sharing a trailer with anyone.

Nell: I’m not sharing. Not even with you.

Me: That was almost a compliment.

Nell: I suppose David could share with Harriet if pushed.

Me: There aren’t going to be any trailers.

Nell: What?

Me: It’s an animated series. It’s all in the illustrations.

Nell: You said it would bring us to life.

Me: It will. That’s what Derek is going to do with his drawings.

Nell: So what’s our job then?

Me: You are his inspiration. In the same way as you are mine.

Nell: So, the best thing we can do is to keep on having adventures?

Me: Yes.

Nell: And one adventure could be making a movie?

Me: It could.

Nell: We’re definitely going to need our own trailers.

Me: Of course you are. Sorry.

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