Just Believe

Me: We have some exciting news today and it’s good news for a change.

Nell: As you know Sara has had a tough 12 months with her cancer diagnosis and her little sister Alex dying in April.

Me: It’s been truly heartbreaking.

Nell: But what you don’t know is that during the past few months something rather magical has happened.

Me: You might remember that our dear friend Shel visited us from Canada shortly after Alex died.

Nell: He’s a film director and thinks Conversations with Nell would make the perfect animated series.

Me: It’s always been my dream.

Nell: Well, the exciting news is that we’re going to make that dream come true by creating a pilot episode.

Me: The first person to join us is Derek Moorhouse, a Canadian animator and illustrator who’s worked on some real blockbusters.

Nell: He’s a big fan of your stories.

Me: Yes. He completely understands my whimsical world and now he’s going to bring it to life.

Nell: Sunny Ormonde from BBC Radio 4’s The Archers and Gillian Barber a British/Canadian film star are going to be our voices.

Me: I’m so lucky to have them.

Nell: Theresa and Kev are going to produce it.

Me: And Shel will show it to networks around the world.

Nell: Even though most people are doing this for nothing there are unavoidable costs involved in creating an animated pilot episode.

Me: Yes, like illustrations, matte painting, animators, sound studios, composer, musicians, and an editor.

Nell: So we’re going to have to raise some funds.

Sara: I’ve created a GoFundMe page which I’m launching tomorrow.

Nell: And together we’re going to make this happen.

Sara: Do you really think dreams can come true?

Nell: I’m sure of it. We all believe in you.

Sara: Yes. Sorry.

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