The Puppies know something Sara doesn’t

Nell: You were coughing all night again.

Me: I know. The doctor said I’ve just got to rest and it will pass.

Nell: She also said you’re completely run down.

Me: I’m afraid I am.

Nell: The last few weeks have taken their toll so when you caught whatever this is you had little resistance.

Me: Try not to worry. I’ll be fine once I can get some proper sleep.

Nell: You’d better be.

Me: Do you know why the puppies keep staring out of the window? It’s as if they’re waiting for someone.

Nell: It is, isn’t it?

Me: Why are you smiling? You hardly ever smile.

Nell: Maybe it’s because I know a rather special pocketful of happiness is coming your way tomorrow.

Me: Coming my way? Tomorrow?

Nell: That’s what I said.

Me: Tell me.

Nell: A certain somebody very dear to your heart is flying over from Germany for a long weekend.

Me: With me?

Nell: With her mother. Yes.

Me: Her mother? Are we talking about Alice?

Nell: We are. She couldn’t get time off work for Alex’s funeral but she was determined to come and see you as soon as she could.

Me: Do you mean to say Alice is arriving tomorrow?

Nell: Yes, and she’s staying with us until Monday.

Me: That’s absolutely wonderful, Nell. I’m in tears now.

Nell: I knew you would be.

Me: I hope it isn’t all too expensive for her.

Nell: Don’t start. She needs to see you.

Me: I need to see her too.

Nell: Of course you do.

Me: This means so much to me. What a wonderful surprise.

Nell: Alex would be happy that you’re happy.

Me: She would.

Nell: Now try and rest. Alice will be here before you know it.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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